5 Best winter destinations in Europe

There are countless winter destinations in Europe, and you can choose the best one to spend some unforgettable days. All cities are transformed into something fairytale that you should not miss. The short days of sunlight and the snow will give you the opportunity to enjoy the season, and if you’re lucky enough, you can see the Northern Lights if you head north. So, if you are looking for the best places in Europe for holidays, take a look at the places we suggest.


Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is definitely one of the best winter destinations in Europe. The old town is buzzing with tourists, while the cold does not stop anyone from visiting the castle that dominates over the town. Its unique architecture seems more imposing when it is covered with snow.

And of course, do not forget that the Czechs are famous for their love of beer. Try as many local beers as you can in the endless bars that exist. If you want to warm up now, go to one of the many beer spas, and you will literally swim in the beer. If you happen to be in Prague at Christmas, do not miss the fantastic Christmas market where you will try seasonal drinks and taste different delicacies.

La Plagne France

For the ultimate winter ski and winter sports experience, there is La Plagne.

La Plagne is a collection of small, ski resorts and quaint villages that are located on the edge of the Vanoise National Park. La Plagne is much considered a family-friendly resort, and is great for beginner skiers, but also has some great choices for the more advanced skier or snowboarder. There are multiple buses and ski lifts to make getting around the resorts easier. As well as a good selection of restaurants and bars around the joint villages and resorts. Travelling to La Plagne is easy enough using the Geneva to La Plagne transfer.


Tallinn, Estonia

Sure, the big capitals are a typical holiday destination, but why not try something different? For example, Tallinn, Estonia. If you travel to the Baltic capital in winter, you will be enchanted by the old town and the historic centre that seems to have come out of a fairy tale. Especially at Christmas, the city is full of lights, and in the centre, you will find a giant Christmas tree. You can skate on ice but know that the temperatures are quite low. And because it will be cold outside, you can spend a few hours in a sauna or one of the many spas. Or just visit one of the many cafes and watch the snowfall out of your window.


Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen will surely reward you when you visit it. The capital of Denmark combines different elements that make it a special place for holidays. The Danes love their “hugge”, which means comfort, and they know how to enjoy the cold and small days of winter. The best thing to do in Copenhagen is to visit the Tivoli Gardens, where a unique park is set up every Christmas. From the thousands of lights to the various Christmas markets, the atmosphere is intoxicating. Of course, if you are in Copenhagen outside of Christmas, you should try ice skating and strolling down the main cobbled street of Stroget, home to the biggest clothing and cosmetics companies.


Hallstatt, Austria

Some places are much more beautiful in winter than at any other time of the year. One such is the lovely city of Hallstatt. It is surrounded by a lake, is very close to the Alps and is transformed by snow each winter. It will not take you long to walk it but do not forget to stop here and there to admire the view. The city is full of small, narrow streets, wooden houses and restaurants. What sets it apart is its combination of the enchanting landscape and the traditional houses. Suppose you want to enjoy some magical moments in the snow of the Alps. In that case, you can only trust the services of the company Erna Low, which will plan for you all the necessary actions to experience the complete winter vacation of your life.

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