Garden Trampoline Sale – Why Kids Love Rectangular Trampolines

Don’t children just love launching themselves on trampolines? Trampolines are available in myriad forms, sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. However, while safety and durability are an indispensable aspect that needs to be taken into consideration when you head to buy one, the shape of your trampoline can certainly make a difference to the fun factor.

If you were under the impression that circle trampolines were the only choice, let’s share that the rectangular ones are quite a favorite among children. If you are scouting for ideas then check out trampoline UK where can simplify your purchase efforts. From picking a shape and size to laying your hands on the easy-to-install types, you might just nab a lucrative deal.

What could be better than creating a safe outdoor fun-play zone for your energetic kid within a budget? Here’s what a rectangular jumping pad in the garden has to offer.

You might come across people of the opinion that round jumping beds are better than the rectangular ones. Well, that’s probably because these are just relatively common or maybe that the circle-shaped trampoline could take up lesser space. While many manufacturers cite safety as the reason behind the popularity of round trampolines, it doesn’t signify that rectangular ones are unsafe.

Age no bar

It’s just that the round ones appear well stretched. However, if you purchase from a dependable provider, your rectangular jumping mat would also stretch equally well. The latter variant is universal and can be used by kids of any age. 

Even older children can jump on the mat to revel in bouncy fun. It is the additional tension that it generates on the frame and the springs of a rectangular trampoline that makes jumping comfortable anywhere on the mat.

Guaranteed fun and safety

Unlike the round-shaped trampoline that tends to gravitate around the center, the block-shaped one ensures that children enjoy themselves even when they stand away from the center. However, it is this factor that may pose a risk to young users if the trampoline is mounted on stilts. Alternatively, you can purchase the in-ground jumper to keep it safer.

Kids love to enjoy their space freely in the jumper and the rectangular trampoline can offer more independence. You can always add a safety net around the equipment. Choose accessories that fit the trampoline perfectly to avoid any loose ends or gaps. Using colored protective edges can amp up safety. 

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Your equipment’s cost is not completely dependent on its shape and form rather it depends heavily on the materials used in its construction. However, many brands sell the round ones at a relatively cheaper price than the rectangular one.

The rectangular-shaped variety is available in multiple sizes and types. You can choose either the sunken type or the one with to be mounted on stilts. The price would also vary accordingly.

Well, if you have the luxury of space you can shortlist bigger equipment. A typical trampoline would take up at least up to 2 sq. meters area in your yard. If you are looking at efficient space management in the garden, these can be placed just around any corner and need not take up much of the grass mat space of your yard.

Make sure than at least one and a half meters of space is left free around the trampoline. Use a relatively free corner that doesn’t have bushes or hard ground. Also, steer clear of fences and trees. For cool trampoline tricks, click here.

Bigger surface area

The rectangular jumping device provides a larger bed space. This means they can comfortably walk into it with their friends without being afraid of colliding with each other. Kids can pick a spot they like on the mat and move around freely without sinking at the center like in a round trampoline. 

The rounded device can have a low-quality bounce owing to the one impact point which draws to the center point. This can make it uncomfortable for more than one child bouncing on it at one time.

For slightly grown-up kids who find the bounce easy-going, the rectangle equipment would make a better choice.

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