3 Simple Tips to Achieve the “No Makeup” Look’

When it comes to looking natural and flawless, more and more women are opting for the “no makeup” look. But, it can be hard to achieve when you actually do have makeup on, unless you know what you’re doing!

We’ve already talked about some eye makeup tips you can use every day to make your gaze really pop. But, what about those days when you want something fresh, natural, and simply pretty? 

The good news? You don’t have to spend nearly an hour each day perfecting the natural look. Once you learn the right techniques and tips, you can have your makeup done in a matter of minutes. 

With that in mind, let’s look at three tips you can use to achieve the no makeup look, and let your natural beauty shine through. 

1. Prime Your Skin

When you’re going for a natural look, the first thing you want to do is start with a smooth base. A primer is the best way to achieve that without having to cake on a lot of foundation. 

Choose a primer that works for the needs of your skin. For example, if you have deep pores, you’ll want to choose a pore-filling primer that will cover them without clogging them. Once you have a fresh, smooth base, you can go to the next step and start adding different touches of makeup. 

2. Don’t Go for Heavy Coverage

Instead of piling on thick foundation, you might want to opt for a moisturizing BB or CC cream that will hydrate your skin while giving it some color. Use a buffing brush to give yourself more coverage without having to use more product. 

Once you’ve applied your tinted moisturizer, you can finish it off with a concealer for blemishes, and a cream bronzer that you can make last all day with a setting spray (which will also help to give you a dewy look!). 

3. Give Your Eyes Attention

Because you won’t have a lot of color going on elsewhere, utilizing natural-looking eye makeup is a great way to add a small pop of contrast without going overboard. Stick with neutral tones that will compliment the rest of your face when it comes to different eyeshadows. As for mascara, you can apply a thin coat or choose to leave it off completely. After all, you’re going for a no makeup look, and in some cases that actually means leaving the makeup off!

The biggest challenge when it comes to achieving the no makeup look is giving yourself a smooth baseline. This look allows some of your natural features to shine through, including freckles, while allowing you to look smooth and glowing at the same time. Thankfully, it’s not an impossible task as long as you’re willing to practice. As you can see, with just three simple tips, you can make a big difference in your “no makeup routine”. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with different methods, products, and shades of color, until you find what works best for your skin.

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