Eye Makeup Tips That Anyone Can Use

Makeup is art. And the great thing is there aren’t any rules to make up there are however there are theories. Everyone can apply these to the makeup that they currently do. 

And it doesn’t matter if you can work miracles with your eyeshadow, or that you still shy away from bold colours. Everyone can agree that make up can be so much fun.

So here are some simple tips that anyone can use.


Most people now use this tip, however some still dont. In general it is much better if you always prime your eyelids before you apply any eyeshadow. And in fact, this is even more essential if you use pigments. Pigments do you tend to stain your eyelids. And primer can provide a barrier. 

When it comes to eyeshadow primer the lighter, and whiter the shade that you use, the brighter your eyeshadow will appear. But the most important thing here is, that primer will stop your makeup slipping and sliding. As well as this it can make your eyelids look much smoother. Many people enjoy using either Mac Painterly Pot or something from the P.Louise range.


The shape of your eyebrows, the length and the fullness, will dictate how your whole face is framed. A great tip that Bobby Brown gives is that you should fill your eyebrows in with the same shade of brown or taupe that you have used as your base or transition colour on your lips. This will stop your eyebrows from looking too harsh. You should try to use small, soft strokes that help you get definition, but look more like natural hair.

Brow soap is a new trend that will help keep your bras in place, but if you aren’t keen on using the brow soap, then a clear brow gel, or a clear mascara will do the trick.


There are some colour combinations that are better than others. Although like we stated in the opening paragraph there are no rules. For green eyes most people recommend hazel brown, taupes, and purples. Blue eyes really pop if they use browns, copper tones, and bronze tones.

Brown eyes tend to be the luckiest, and go with the most amount of colours.

If you wear glasses, you will have to take those into account as you are doing your eyeshadow. Sometimes it is better to get wider frames, buy them in colour that suits your most often worn eyeshadows. Depending on where you work, you can also get prescription safety glasses with supercool frames too! 


Mascara is one of the most significant ways to make your eyes look huge. But this can only work once you have finally found a mascara that you love. Most brands would recommend that you curl your lashes first, but not everyone wants to do that. So it might be the case that you choose to have mascara with a curling effect. Consider how you want your lashes to look long, thicker, more curly. And find one that has those as their selling point.

Some people keep it super simple when it comes to eye make up, and a perfect cateye is all it takes. But they say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and that is what makes them so much fun to dress up.

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