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Do you remember browsing through various catalogues as a child, perhaps marking off all those unique toys and fabulous fun gadgets that you dreamed of having? Well Wicked uncle is a whole big shopping place online that kids these days will dream about. It’s full to the brim of unique toys, gifts and wacky gadgets and all for kids. They cater for ages 3-15 and above, so yes the big kids are included too. There’s even a few retro gadgets which may jog a few childhood memories.

Their website has a great design to make it easy to search for the perfect gifts for any child of any age. They have a really easy to use search feature which allows the user to search via age, gender and category of gift. Each item is also displayed with various images and a detailed description. So for example if I wanted to search specifically for a girl age 7 which is the age of my youngest child then these are the type of gifts that come up.

And funnily enough these are actually the sort of things she loves getting too. She loves art stuff and crafts and of course learning about all sorts of stuff.

I’ve had a few things from Wicked Uncle over the years. All of which have been amazing quality items. In fact my kids still have some of the gifts years later. I find the pricing very reasonable too and not at all overpriced. There are some very inexpensive pocket money toys too.

Very recently I ordered the Horrible histories board game. We do enjoy playing a lot of games as a family, especially in this awful weather. This game comes with an age guide of 8 years and over and is for 2-4 players. The price is £19.95 which seems to be the norm for most board games these days. Even tho the age is 8 years it can be enjoyed by younger children too tho they may need a little help with some of the questions. Actually even I need help with some of the questions too.

This is a fun game which is based on the whole horrible histories series. It features many questions on our horrible history including vile Victorian’s and rotten Romans. It includes a bright, colourful board, playing pieces and question cards. The object of the game being to move around the board answering questions or even doing silly actions. There are also horrible chance cards too which include being accused of witchcraft among other things from our dark history. 

The game has over 600 questions which makes learning about history lots of fun as well as being educational and teaching us lots more about our horrible histories. It’s a really interesting and fun family game. Izebella is 7 and is still able to enjoy it too as they can be tricky plus some of the answers are really funny too.

Purchase this game and many more wonderful kids gifts, fun gadgets and many toys from Wicked Uncle. 

*This was a paid article with Wicked Uncle* 

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  1. March 10, 2020 / 18:51

    My two love Wicked Uncle. They sell so many great things. The Horrible histories board game sounds like a lot of fun x

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