Creating A Pet-Friendly Garden

When it comes to your pets, they probably spend a fair bit of time outdoors, sniffing mysterious debris that’s blown onto your lawn or doing their usual business. However, like small children, it’s important you create an outdoor space that’s pet-friendly. Here are some top tips to do so!

Avoid Poisonous Plants

We wouldn’t usually go around picking up and eating things that are poisonous to us, but pets are likely to do that if they think it’s something edible. Unfortunately, their instincts only stretch so far, and it’s up to us as their owners to make sure that the surroundings they are in are safe and don’t cause harm. One of the things you should do to make it safe is to avoid planting any poisonous plants. So avoid things like daffodils, lilies, and tulips as these can all be harmful to your pets if digested.

Use Artificial Options

To make life easier for you in maintaining your garden, artificial options might be necessary. Take advantage of free samples to see if artificial grass would be a suitable choice for covering your ground. It’s a lot easier to look after, and you can get shorter pile grass that’s perfect for dogs. The same would go for plants too, which is perfect if you don’t consider yourself someone who has a passion for gardening. It’s a lot less hassle, and it’s probably cheaper than most plants too.

Fencing That’s Secure

The most important thing when it comes to a pet-friendly garden is your security. It’s always best to pet-proof your fencing or anything that’s adding structure around your garden. Fencing is the best to ensure that your pets are kept safe. This way they won’t go wondering or it deters any passerby who may want to swoop over and steal them. Make sure you re-check fencing as over time it can warp and crack. This is just as vital to maintaining as you don’t want any unwanted vermin getting into the property.

Cover Your Pond

A pond is a great feature to add to your garden. It adds another level and a bit of luxury to your outdoor space, making it more exciting for your household and guests to enjoy. However, ponds can be a bit of a nightmare for pets as they like to explore these intriguing bodies of water a little too much. So to avoid them falling in or trying to eat any fish you may have housed in there, make sure to cover it with some thin netting and make sure it’s securely bedded into the ground around the pond. This is actually a good thing to have for little…and big humans too!

Be Prepared For Emergency Situations

Having a garden always contains little challenges and dangers for your pets. In case there are pipes, drains or other dangerous openings for your pet to get stuck  or fall into in your garden, there is a free pet rescue service from RotoRooter that can arrive and save your pet in case there is an emergency.

As well as all the above, think about having shaded areas for your pets, so they have somewhere to cool down, and if you are planning to use pest deterrents, then you might want to think about using natural alternatives just in case your pet attempts to eat it. Always better to be extra safe than sorry.

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