Why Feeding Your Dog a Healthy Diet Is Important

Just like your family members, your dogs require meals that are good for their health. Their food should be balanced with nutrients such as vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, and water. Commercial diets and foods are popular for dogs because they are ready-to-eat, but they do not provide all the essential nutrients. Quality dog food should be fresh, natural, and made of all essential to keeping them healthy, and energetic. Below are the benefits of feeding your dog a healthy diet:

1)        Strengthens Your Dog’s Immune System

The main reason why dogs get sick or age prematurely is due to free radicals that make their immune and nervous system weak. To protect your pet from the damage by free radicals, you should feed it a diet rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and beta-carotene that neutralize free radicals. The main source of antioxidants is from vegetables and colored fruits. Many people think dogs are carnivorous so they fail to feed their dogs vegetables that are essential in keeping their immune system strong. However, is lettuce good for dogs? You can learn how to prepare a vegetable salad with lettuce for your dog at ultimatehomelife.com/. Make sure that your dog’s diet comprises of antioxidant-rich foods to keep it young and healthy.

2)        A Healthy Diet Keeps Its Coat Shiny and Healthy

Your pet’s coat that is skin and hair prevent germs, water, and heat from entering its body and keeping it warm during cold seasons. It is made of protein. The only way to maintain its quality and volume is by feeding your dog a meal rich in proteins. Failure to provide protein in its diet leads to hair loss, weakness, and dry skin. The best source of proteins is from fish, chicken, eggs, soy, and meat that have fatty acids. Fatty acids promote the development of healthy skin and a shiny coat. Other nutrients such as vitamin A, E & C, and the minerals zinc and copper help in the protection, repair, and growth of skin and there’s some new research that CBD can be beneficial for older dogs, but you’d have to check with your vet first.

3)        Whole Foods Aid in Digestion

Processed dog foods undergo various preparation processes that strip off vital nutrients like fiber. When you feed your dog these foods, they may encounter digestive issues like constipation. They find it difficult to pass stool. Your dog will be in pain, something that you could have prevented by feeding it whole foods that are filled with fiber. Whole foods are natural and their nutrients are easily absorbed into the body. Your dog will benefit greatly from eating natural foods like raw meat, fruits, and leafy greens. When introducing your dog to a whole diet, first consult your veterinarian for nutritional advice.

4)        Boosts Your Dog’s Energy

Dogs are naturally active pets who love to play but lacking energy makes them inactive and dull. They need a regular supply of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in their diet to stay energetic. These nutrients help in the formation of glucose, and building of muscles needed to maintain the required energy level.

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