Dreamworks Spirit from Ravensburger

This lovely puzzle was recently sent to Izebella from Ravensburger. It had 100 pieces and is taken from the Dreamworks spirit animated series which can be viewed on Netflix. There was also a movie produced several years ago also featuring the spirit characters. Spirit riding free which is the full name of the series is now into its 7th series. It’s not something that me or Izebella had heard of previously but since getting the puzzle she has been tuning into it regularly.

Being as clever as she is, Izebella had this puzzle completed easily within 10 minutes and she’s only six years old. It would probably take me much longer on first attempt but she’s just so good at doing them.

It’s a lovely finished picture showing 3 of the characters with their horses.

It is designed for children and adults ages 6 and over so Izebella is at the very early age for this but perhaps does need something slightly more challenging than 100 pieces now. A similar Spirit puzzle with 300 pieces is available too also from Ravensburger.

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