Last minute Xmas round up

I have a few extra products to show you all, right before the big day, which if you didn’t realise is just 4 days away.

1) Cadbury’s – Yes Cadbury’s is everywhere, but if you haven’t bought your Xmas chocs yet, then pop down to your local supermarket to pick up some of these festive treats.

They have selection boxes, bars, tubes and everything chocolate.

2) Personalised kids books – What child wouldn’t want to be the star of their own story?

A beautiful book from Goes to sleep can be personalised with a child’s name and the addition of a photograph on the first page. Not only that, this story is specifically told in a magical way that actually helps children fall asleep. It includes certain words like dreams, yawns, clouds, which are repeated and aid natural sleep. The perfect Xmas eve book.

3) Santa Goes on Strike – No not really, but that is the title of this book by author Jem Vanston.

This is a good Christmas read for children with a meaning. Santa goes on strike due to seeing the greed in the world and people forgetting the true meaning of Christmas. This is one I’d recommend for a Christmas Eve box.

4) The Meg – If you’re tired of the same old dribble shown on tv year after year each Christmas; then maybe invest in a few new movies to watch.

The Meg is like a modern day Jaws which of course was hugely popular back in the 1980s. Researchers and divers dare to go deeper than anyone has gone before and discover a totally new and unique marine world hiding down there. However what they don’t anticipate is a huge man eating monster that was thought to be extinct a long time ago. Rating is 12. It makes a good watch with teenagers.

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