Our new arrival – Tiny Treasures

We have a new baby in our house! Yes really! Although I’ve not had a baby myself. No we had one delivered instead.

This is our brand new baby from the Tiny Treasures collection which is part of the Chad valley toy range at Argos.

This baby doll is adorable. She comes in her very own baby car seat with straps and dressed in a cute pink baby outfit. She has hair and reminds me a bit of Izebella when she was born. The doll looks and feels just like a real baby. The same size and weight and feels like a baby when held or put on the shoulder.

I have made this video to show you all just how cute and cuddly she really is.

Her hair is really soft and silky and she even has that newborn baby scent too. And just like a new born she also has a little birth certificate and a hospital bracelet.

Tiny treasures doll collection even includes additional baby outfits and wooden play sets and accessories.

These dolls are exclusive to Argos and have been launched alongside the Designafriend dolls which are larger 18 inch type dolls with beautiful features and accessories.

Tiny Treasure dolls start at Β£39.99 which may seem a lot to pay out for just a baby doll. But once you get this doll and hold it you too will see that they are worth every penny. They are simply adorable.

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