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In today’s economy, households need to be careful about their budget. Indeed, ranked as the 12th most expensive country to live in, the UK ranks high cost of living, from the housing market to the associated costs of food, tax and energy, among others. With uncertainty looming regarding the post Brexit period – or even the potential of a favourable deal –, it’s fair to say that British households need to prepare for the worst. In this instance, you need to ensure that your financial situation can sustain a potential hit as of March 2019. While saving is always an option, it’s rarely the most viable options. On the other hand, a side hustle gives you the opportunity to build a second source of income for your family without putting your work-life balance on the line.

Need to brush up your skills?

Building a profitable new career from scratch can be challenging, not only because it takes time but because you might end up landing an entry-level position in a new career. The best solution here is to learn skills that are entirely new, which will eliminate the risk of experienced competitors. Swift, for instance, is an innovative programming language that can gain you a competitive edge in a new field. You can access great opportunities, even as a side hustler, and bring high safety ratio to all projects. Comparatively speaking, Swift is faster and safer than many common languages in use at the moment.

Professionalism starts with the office

While your side hustle career may not be your full-time activity, it deserves all the attention and the professional setting of your day-to-day job. For many freelancing side hustlers, professionalism begins in the home office. If you have an unused guest room at home, you should consider turning it into a functional workplace. Sort out office equipment first – you can find a second-hand desk and ergonomic chairs on eBay which can be delivered to your home via a furniture transport service. In terms of tech, you’ll need a quality laptop, external storage facility and a fast Internet connection.

Spread the word like a pro

When you’re ready to promote your side hustle, you need to build a professional online profile. LinkedIn is an excellent place to start as it’s completely free to create a killer profile that gets the attention of recruiters and clients. Your photo and your headline act as a bait, which you can reinforce with a powerful summary field of your biggest achievements. Additionally, you can use LinkedIn to join relevant groups where you can get in touch with potential clients. Your Twitter profile can also be repurposed to boost your visibility.

Don’t chase clients, let them come to you

Last, but not least, client acquisition is one of the most expensive and time-consuming activities for businesses. As a freelancer, you can’t afford to spend infinite time and money on it. But you can cut the chase by joining popular freelancing platforms, such as Fiverr and Upwork.

Your side hustle career could be the beginning of a successful business. Or it could just be a profitable job on the side. Ultimately, building a professional strategy to stand out can help you to secure regular income from your side hustle and protect your family from financial uncertainties.

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