4 Benefit to Learning how to be a Computer Programmer

In today’s modern and technological world, learning a computer programming skill has become an important prerequisite not only for IT professionals but also for anyone looking for a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Learning how to become a computer programmer not only improves your job prospects; it also helps you to become a logical thinker and a great problem solver. One new and innovative programming language you should learn this year is Swift.

This powerful and intuitive programming language developed by Apple Inc. is easy to learn and is currently on high demand. But why should i learn swift

Here are 4 benefits to learning how to be a computer programmer.

1.        You Will Work Well With Others

Learning how to program a computer will benefit you in a number of ways. First, you will be able to work well with others. This is because understanding programming will also help you to solve organizational problems by coming up with fresh solutions.

The world has gone mobile. This means that most internet activities can now be performed on a mobile phone. By learning Swift, you will be able to build mobile apps and also simplify the programming process to your colleagues into small logical steps.

2.        A Greater Job Opportunity Awaits You

Swift developers are in demand all over the world. The monthly TIOBE index of March 2017 ranked Swift among the top 10 programming languages of the world. When you choose Swift as your programming language of choice, you will not only have the ability to develop for iOS but you will also find great job opportunities on other Apple platforms.

3.        Swift Is Safe

In today’s competitive marketplace, developing a safe and secure app should be of paramount importance. Swift is a programming language that is focused on security. Compared to Objective-C, Swift syntax has lesser mistakes and fewer crashes. When using Swift, you can compile and fix mistakes when writing the codes. This makes Swift better and that added layer of quality control will make your apps watertight safe and error proof.

4.        Swift Is Fast and Approachable

One of the greatest benefits of learning how to become a computer programmer is that you will learn how to automate repetitive tasks. By learning Swift you will be able to simplify the common patterns and manage the tedious tasks.

Another benefit of Swift code is that it is more approachable to write and read codes. Swift resembles the English language and that makes it easy to learn the concept fast. Developers with knowledge in other programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, and C++ also find it easier and faster to adapt to Swift.


There you have it; 4 benefits to learning how to become a computer programmer. For more resources on how you can learn Swift, kindly login to careerfoundry.com.  At Careerfoundry, you will know if web development is for you. You will also get an opportunity to talk to an expert career advisor and transform your career.

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