New “Hellraiser” tattoo

So today this happened! Yes I have this new tattoo on my left thigh and I love it. Four hours of pain and even more now but well worth it. For those of you who… View Post

Jana Reinhardt penguin earrings

A gift of jewellery is almost always guaranteed to put a smile on any ladies face. Most of us cannot resist being a attracted to something shiny and sparkly. If your female recipient has pierced… View Post

Stress toys from Hawkins

Do you remember those old retro stress balls that you could squeeze and squeeze and imagine it was someone you hated? They would always return to their original shape no matter how hard you squeezed… View Post

Are you thinking of buying Gold?

Lots of people are thinking about investing in gold nowadays, especially with the economy feeling a bit shaky. If you’re among these people, you need to know how to make a success of it before… View Post

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