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Since about 3000 B.C. in China, nail polish has been an essential ingredient used in accentuating feminine beauty. In fact, among Egyptians, it used to be a determinant of social class. If you were not royalty or from the high end of the society, you couldn’t use flashy colors. Only nude and light colors were allowed among those on the lower rung of the social ladder. Interesting, isn’t it?

Beyond beauty, however, nail polish has been made to serve as a way of strengthening your nails and making slightly broken nails smooth. The health concern is why it is essential to ensure that the nail polish you use does not cause more harm than good. Sadly, there are many brands of nail polish out there that ladies unwittingly apply to their nails only to regret the decision.

Nontoxic nail polish is the better fit. Nontoxic nail polish does not contain formaldehyde, a known carcinogenic, among other toxic substances like DBP which can cause reproductive harm. Initially, the ingredients the Chinese used to make nail polish were all natural. Commercialization caused companies to seek cheaper alternatives that are detrimental not only to nail health but the general well-being of the user. Here is a list of nail polish without formaldehyde.

Zoya Nail Polish

Zoya is one of the safest and pocket-friendly nail polish available. It also comes in about 300 colors so that you cannot run out of options from which to choose. Quite easy to apply too.  It is long lasting and does not smell. It also does not restrict your nails from growing. When you talk about good nail polish, Zoya is the one! It costs just $ 10. If you can wait a while for the nail polish to dry off and are willing to remove it with acetone, you’re good to go.

Anjou Nail Polish Set

With a combination of 12 colors in the set, Anjou nail polish solves the problem of having to remove the nail polish when you want to. It removes easily and is environment-friendly. There are no pure colors in the set. They are all flashy and safe. With $15, you can add this beauty set to your collection.

Adrianne K Sheer Nail Polish

What Adrianne nail polishes bring to the table is their chip resistance. No matter how long you have them on, the tips stay intact. They are also glossy so that you can have them for extended periods. They come in 27 different colors. A perfect fit if you prefer vegan nail polish. The only thing is that you’ll need acetone to remove them.

Farmers’ Market Berries Nail Polish

This nail polish contains hypoallergenic formula which makes it suitable for everyone. Are you sensitive to nail polish? Not to worry. Farmers’ market berries got you covered. It accentuates your beauty especially during night parties because it glows in the dark. They are also odorless. However, they lose their glow easily and you will need to paint your nails regularly.

Prim and Pure Nail Polish

This is a vegan and cruelty free nail polish. It can be used by both little girls and classy ladies who are intent on keeping their nails healthy while maintaining their fashion status. It dries quickly and can peel off easily. It is glossy and does not lose its quality even after carrying it for a long time. The problem with it is that the colors are limited to just three, and the applicator is not capable enough.

Ella+Mila Nail Polish

This love collection is free from formaldehyde and other chemicals that can harm your nails. Instead, it keeps you looking fresh and lasts long on your nails. The colors are PETA certified. You’ll need to do more to remove the polish though, and the color options are quite limited. By and large, this nail polish is friendly with the environment, and no injury to any animal while making it.

Peelable Nail Polish Makeup Kit

You need not worry about your nails turning yellow. This water-based nail polish is entirely free of toxic chemicals that can harm your nails. Removal is also simple. Just soak in warm water for 2 minutes and it’s off. Mums who want their little girls looking classy too can go for this nail polish. It is safe.

Non-toxic water-based non-peelable

Pregnant ladies and kids can have pretty fingernails without worrying about the aftermath or any side effect, thanks to this nail polish. A pack contains four nail polishes and a top coat to protect your nails. You can return the product if you are dissatisfied or if it is damaged upon delivery.

Generally, when you want to buy nail polish, check the label to see that there is no formaldehyde in the ingredients. Also, odorless polishes are a good indication that they are safe for use. As much as possible, choose nail polishes that can peel off easily. If you have to use chemicals to remove the nail polish, then you may be creating another problem while trying to solve one. Ensure the polish is not lumpy by testing the colors and be sure that the polish is not to thin or too thick. It should be somewhere in the middle. Enjoy a classy look. You deserve it, don’t you?

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