5 Rainy day Activities for the Family

We’ve all accepted that the weather is going to be pretty miserable for the foreseeable future. But if we’re going to have this type of weather for the next five months or so, then we need to do more than just accept it; we need to embrace it! While we may long for the long and warm sunny days of summer, we can’t change the weather, after all. So rather than moan about the rain and the chill, let’s look at making it a fun time for the family. Below, we take a look at five rainy day activities that the whole family will enjoy.

Cook Up a Storm

There’s no better way to ride out the inclement weather than by comfort eating. But if you’re going to fill your stomachs with delicious foods, then you may as well earn it; and by that, we mean prepare it yourself. The autumn and winter months are a great time to get into the kitchen and hone your culinary skills. And you don’t have to do this alone; get the kids to help. They’ll be a useful help, will keep them out of trouble, and studies have also shown that the earlier the kids know about cooking, the healthier they’ll eat when they’re older. It’s a win-win-win situation!

Let’s Be Entertained

And after you’ve polished off all that delicious food, it’ll be time to sink into the sofa for a good few hours. There’s nothing better than being cosy and warm, and curled up with the family on a chilly day. So before the cold weather arrives, make sure you have everything you need to be entertained. With a TV aerials installation, you’ll have access to the best of British television, while a fast internet connection and Netflix account will provide plenty of movies and classic television shows. From there, it’s all about making your living room cosy, which means plenty of pillows and blankets.

Old School Fun

Not that you always need the conveniences of modern life to keep yourself entertained. When you want to do more than sit on the couch but the weather is too poor to head outside, then have fun in an active, engaged way. There’s much to be said for those classic board games, which get the whole family involved and can be bags of fun (and just a little competitive). If you’re bursting with energy and can’t face the boredom that sets in from being at home, then look at getting creative. Why not make costumes and put on a play with the kids? It’s not a normal day, but who wants every day to be normal anyway?

Braving the Outdoors

Finally, just because it’s cold and rainy, it doesn’t mean you can’t go outdoors. Put on your waterproofs and thermals, and go for a chilly walk in the outdoors. It’s fun! Plus, there’s not much better than having a warm shower and a cup of hot chocolate after you’ve braved the outdoors. You’ll have earned it!

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