Choc affair: good for a cold Winter night 

The October chill is kicking in quickly and there is only one perfect warning drink for those cold Winter nights and freezing frosty mornings – hot chocolate of course!
Luxury milky flavoursome hot chocolate that is, like these One shot mini tins from Choc Affair. In this little gift pack there are three tins of hot chocolate, all of which can be purchased as individual larger tins.
The hot chocolate is best made with steaming hot milk, then allowed to cool. My favourite is the salted caramel but they are delicious in there own way.

I was slightly baffled by the instructions. It tells me to use the whole tin in one drink? Or at least I think it means that. However I used less than a third of the tin for one cup of milk and the flavour is very rich, so I certainly don’t think they are meant as one drink tins.

And look what else we have from Choc Affair!

This is also a gift set but it’s chocolate pieces called Dinky Dots. These are disc shaped, a bit like buttons and again in three mini tin varieties.
Aimed more towards dinky people obviously but good for us big people too and perfect together with the hot chocolate.
Both gift sets cost £6.75 each, buy direct from Choc affair .

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