Choc affair: good for a cold Winter night 

The October chill is kicking in quickly and there is only one perfect warning drink for those cold Winter nights and freezing frosty mornings – hot chocolate of course! Luxury milky flavoursome hot chocolate that… View Post

Chocolate from Willies Cacao 

Well it’s a miserable wet Summers morning today isn’t it.? And when your stuck indoors witg nothing but Jeremy Kyle on the telly, there’s not much than cheers me up more than some gourmet chocolate.… View Post

Hot choc club subscription 

Well this subscription is certainly a first for me, yes it’s chocolate but chocolate that gets drunk rather than eaten. I have not come across any other hot chocolate clubs before this one and yes… View Post

Dreamy hot chocolate: Cocoa Antics

There’s nothing quite like ending a tiring day with a deliciously smooth cup of luxury hot chocolate. I love the stuff and find that the combination of hot milk with sweet chocolate somehow helps me… View Post

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