Dreamy hot chocolate: Cocoa Antics

There’s nothing quite like ending a tiring day with a deliciously smooth cup of luxury hot chocolate. I love the stuff and find that the combination of hot milk with sweet chocolate somehow helps me relax and sleep much easier too.
I like to try different varieties and blends of hot chocolate and was a very happy lady when I was sent some from a company called Cocoa Antics. I was even happier to discover that the hot chocolate was not the usual boring powdered variety or even the flakes. Instead this hot chocolate is actually thick chunks of chocolate shapes already on spoons. The hot chocolate is made by adding the chocolate spoon to hot milk and watching it melt and dissolve before your eyes. Turning the milk from white to chocolate brown.

The hot chocolate stirrers come in a variety of different chocolate flavours such as coffee, mint, orange, cardamon and even chilli. Many have an added infusion of various things such as popping candy or added marshmallows.

They come on wooden spoons which are great for stirring it all together and even scooping up bits of warm melted chocolate and eating it.
The chocolate stirrers look great and it’s extremely tempting to want to nibble bits of the chocolate whilst waiting for the milk to heat up.
The chocolate seems to melt very quickly if the milk is hot enough and you simply stir and wait. Then enjoy a lovely hot heavenly cup of hot chocolate.

The hot chocolate stirrers are all individual hand made. They are a perfect evening treat for relaxing and unwinding after a busy day. Of course my kids love them too and they would also make lovely and unusual gifts.
The hot chocolate stirrers can be purchased from Cocoa antics in packs starting at Β£7.50. Full details can be found here

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