How to keep your bathroom clean

Your bathroom is by far the room that shows the most signs of wear and tear over the years. With the average person using the bathroom 5 to 8 times, it’s easy to see how your family bathroom can end up looking so gloomy and used! Besides, bathrooms are also the rooms that are most likely to be linked to health complications. Indeed, the moist environment of the bathroom facilitates mould formation, which, if left unnoticed or unattended, can lead to respiratory complaints and allergies. Besides, bathrooms have a tendency to get messy, especially when they are shared with the whole family. As the room gets cluttered, dust can accumulate in inaccessible areas and encourage mould patches. There is no way around it: you need to find the most effective solution to keep the bathroom clean.

Make it part of a schedule

The problem with bathrooms is that the longer you wait, the more impossible the task seems to be! In reality, you need to approach cleaning like any other item on your agenda; it’s only a job you have to do. Planning the most effective time to do it encourages you to stick to a schedule. You wouldn’t skip eating or going to the office and pretend you’ve forgotten. These activities are part of an established routine. Creating a cleaning schedule helps you to develop a routine you can follow too.

Is it easy to navigate through?

Sometimes your bathroom design works against you. When the bath is built as a continuation of the wall, it makes it a lot more difficult to clean. You can’t access all areas. But don’t be fooled; it doesn’t mean dust can’t build up. It can, and creates a welcoming surface for mould formation. However, the introduction of freestanding baths in this setting reduces the risk of dust accumulation and unwanted mould. When you can clean all around elements that are the most likely to increase the moisture in the room, you can actively protect the bathroom from developing a life of its own.

Minimise your beauty products

If your love affair with beauty products is taking over the vanity cabinet, it’s time to call it a day. Too many individuals fall into the trap of the miracle products: every time they hear about a new product, they add it to their beauty regimen. However, using too many products can not only damage your skin, but it also attracts dust… and we all know what dirt can bring to your bathroom! Focus on a handful of essentials and get rid of everything else.

Involve all the family

Keeping the bathroom clean doesn’t have to be your job only. After all, the entire family is using it. So why not share the responsibility? You can start by teaching your kids to help out. Toddlers can learn to put their toys back in a basket, for instead and young children can wipe out slashes. Hanging up the wet towels and cleaning having using the sink or the shower can keep the bathroom fresh for longer.

Say no to a mouldy bathroom! Developing a cleaning schedule and sharing the tasks with your kids can ensure you don’t leave dirt any chance. With minimal routines and settings, you can learn to control the traditional bathroom mess!

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