Time saving tips from professional house cleaners

Depending on how you define “clean”, it may vary from one individual to the other. When you are asked how clean your house is, you may not get the right percentage to measure and give feedback. What you may define to be cleaned and express satisfaction on, may still have a lot of loop holes to be handled that can even make it cleaner.

Many desire to get their house or environment clean always with the least effort put in place. This may vary whether they are doing the clean on their own or hired one to handle this. Experts like SimplyMaid Adelaide have tried and tested on some of the best ways that cleaning can be done, on this article we shall look at 6 time saving tips from professional house cleaners.

Be organized in your cleaning process

Whether you are doing the cleaning from your own home or employed to handle a given environment, being organized will save you time. Do your cleaning as if you are handling a project to be completed with successfully within a given time.

Know where and how to start, then give a clear breakdown on how the rest will be done until you achieve the last expected outcome. This will also help you avoid doing the same thing again and again and simply ensure that the objective of the cleaner is met.

Work with expert cleaners and correct requirements

Using the right materials and cleaning detergents may not give you the ultimate goal without the required basic skills. If cleaning isn’t working for you as you desire, don’t take the whole day doing the same cleaning but instead get an expert to do or teach you how to handle this.

Vet perfectly on the chemical that you use and the expected result before you can engage with them, avoid putting into use what you don’t understand as it may give a negative result.

Know your expected end result

With your focus steady on the state of cleanliness of the given area, you must follow the laid down step. Remove the dirt in the right way starting with the very basic and then clean the remaining details. Don’t clean and make them dirty again when they are still wet, allow the surfaces to dry up and ensure where you are done with cleaning it perfect always.

Use appropriate cleaning tools including toothbrush or small brush

Don’t assume the tinny places where the normal cleaning material can’t reach shouldn’t be cleaned. On some of the extreme ends, you can use a toothbrush and ensure every dirt is cleared. It’s from the little details that we ignore that may grow to make the matter an issue when it comes to cleaning.

Add the new fresh smell

Never leave the house or environment been cleaned without adding some fresh air in it. Some of the chemicals cleaners we use are not very friendly on how they smell hence must be neutralized by an air freshener that will give best smell to anyone coming in. Using eco friendly detergents can eliminate harsher smells as well as being better all round for the environment.

Remember the wall hangings and electronics

This is a major area to consider when you are cleaning your own house or hired to clean a house. During cleaning, it’s advisable to turn off the TV and other electronics from the main socket to ensure they are well cleaned including the wall hangings.

These tips will help you whether you are planning to venture into cleaning services business or use it for home cleaning requirements. Don’t set days for cleaning and let the places remain in the same state whenever there is a minor mess. Put it practically and ensure you clean the services the moment you notice the mess.


  1. May 15, 2019 / 07:52

    This is an absolutely awesome list! Simple and practical. I’m going to start doing some of these things today. Thanks for sharing!

  2. February 3, 2022 / 16:54

    It looks amazing! Mine is a real mess and it is high time to clean it and to organize it! Thanks a lot for the advices! I love your posts! Thanks for contributing the best tips in an approachable, down to earth way. You’re talent is huge, and your practicality is quite grounding in this digital world. Thank you!

  3. April 15, 2022 / 16:38

    Cleaning is cumbersome. Reach out to Mark It Clean and get the best time saving from professional house cleaners to speed up your cleaning process. 👍👍👍

  4. April 15, 2022 / 16:40

    Having a clean house doesn’t have to mean devoting hours a day to cleaning. If you incorporate some quick, time saving cleaning tips into your daily routine, you can turn having a clean house into a simple afterthought.

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