Easter with the Num Noms

This Easter we are celebrating with lots of eggs and some more of the loveable Num Noms.

Okay so they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and some parents even detest the things. I don’t mind them as I have a large box which Izebella keeps her many hundreds in, therefore I’m not finding them in every corner of the house.

These are some of the new series 4 and even tho I am currently full of a cold, I could still smell some pretty strong sweet scents from them. As could Izebella.

As well as pretty patterns and scents, the Num Noms have come on loads since the first series with extra additions of lip balms, stamps, erasers and even nail polish to find.

Num Noms are not really themed around Easter, tho some of them may smell ever so slightly like chocolate. But as well as the Num Noms packs we also have some cool crafting bits which are Easter themed.

The sheet right at the back is a Num Nom Easter hunt. Instead of hiding and hunting for Easter eggs, we use the Num Noms instead and mark them off when found. Being smaller than eggs makes them harder to find so I had to provide small clues along the way.

Izebella loved the craft bits, she’s not been so well herself so it’s all kept her busy when she’s been bored.



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