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When aiming for a Summer body and wanting to get toned, protein seems to play an important part. I don’t pretend to know exactly why but there is plenty of information on this out there.
A great source of protein comes as protein powders which get mixed with either milk or water and protein bars too.
Plus Protein sent me over a very large 1kg pouch of their complete protein powder in double chocolate flavour.

It’s a huge bag and comes with a serving scoop. The recommended use is to mix one scoop of powder per 200mls of skimmed milk or water. The best way to mix is in a special shaker bottle which are also sold by Plus Protein.

Mixing it in the shaker cup seems to eliminate powder clumps as opposed to just stirring.
The shakes are best consumed 30/40 minutes prior to a workout. Or post workout.
I really like the taste of this protein shake. I have tried a few chocolate whey shakes before, and some are not so nice but this one is quite a nice flavour if mixed correctly.
As for whether it works, I can’t really say as it’s not really a one use product and only forms part of a fitness plan. It can be consumed any time of the day, either pre or post work out and simply gives my body extra protein to burn off.
A 1kg bag of powder costs £15.00 and will last a good few weeks.

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