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Make up always makes a much wanted gift for myself and I would be very very happy if I was bought make up for either Valentines or Mother’s Day.
The Sleek make up brand can be found in Superdrug stores. It’s a brand I really like because it’s affordable whilst still being good quality and a great range of products.

This time it’s all about the eyes and lips. The “i Divine” All night long pallette gives 12 Different shades of colour along with a double sided eye brush and a mirrored case.

The top and bottom shades tend to work well together to give a smoky or slightly sparkly look. I think these colours are just fab and right up my street. And all twelve shades can be yours for just Β£8.99.
Continuing with the eyes, I have two liquid precision eye colours. Now I have not used these before and at first slightly confused as to what and where they were used.

Is it a liquid eyeliner? Or eye shadow? I wondered. There isn’t much info on them but a quick web browse told me I use them as an eyeliner. These can be a bit hit and miss at first and getting the product into the shape of the eye lid without smudging can be a bit tricky with this brush. It’s a bit like painting using a tiny paint brush. The colour goes on bold and thick and a small amount gives a big coverage.
These cost Β£6.99 each and come in lots of lovely shades. The shade I used on this occasion is surrealism.
Moving on to my lips with my “Lip VIP”

These lipsticks cost Β£5.49 each. Semi matte finish that gives a lucious velvety finish. It glides on so smoothly and lasts a while too.

Visit Superdrug’s stores to buy these Sleek cosmetics.

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