Num Noms personalised collectors case

Carousel PR have just launched their Biggest Collector competition, a two-month search to find the biggest Num Noms fan in the country. They are giving away the biggest prizes yet with a huge product bundle, branded goodies and even money – plus prizes for the runners up. 
 If you think that you have the best collection of Num Noms, they would love to see your pictures, all you have to do is simply share a picture on Facebook and tag Num Noms or email it to showing why your little one is such a fan.”
Izebella has hundreds of Num Noms. So many I darent count. And now she has somewhere to display her best ones with this lovely personalised collectors case. 

Izebella has been sent her very own Num Nom case because she’s such a great fan along with some more new num Noms. 

The case will hold about 24 num Noms and came with lots of stickers with her name on to stick anywhere she wants. It also came with a sheet of num nom stickers for the various num nom categories.

It’s a lovely case abs it means she can have her best num Noms always on display.  

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