Scary Peeper: Peeping Tom

Take one look at this guy, if you dare!


Yes I know, horrific isn’t he, and he’s arrived at my house too. He certainly won’t be sleeping in my room. 
This extremely terrifying Halloween prop is known as a scary peeper. It actually looks like a mask but who would want that on their head? Certainly not me. The idea is to hang them on the outside of a window so it’s looking inside.

If it’s hung at the very bottom of the window then it looks very lifelike and very much like a real peeping Tom. Just don’t call the police for this one.
These scary peepers are new to the UK market and there seems to be a few other terrifying peepers out there, all of them designed to shock and scare the unsuspecting guests. 
Now, this is meant as an outside type Halloween prop, or it can be used in haunted displays etc, but I have decided that I don’t want to look at this freakish face everytime my blinds are open. Instead of facing inwards from the outside; this Peeping Tom is going to scare the neighbors and anyone who walks past, Yes he’s going to be hung on the inside with his ugly mug facing outside. I just hope no dear old ladies see it!

It really is one ugly, freakish thing. Just perfect for Halloween. After Halloween it will be firmly hidden away in the loft. No doubt I will give myself a heart attack next year when it resurfaces.
Don’t have nightmares! 

 If your a little strange like myself , and you’re thinking you would like one on your window too for Halloween, then it just so happens that there is one up for grabs in my giveaway.
These cost Β£34.99 on Amazon but you can win one by clicking the entry button below. You only hand until October 25th on this one but the winner will get theirs by Halloween. You must be a UK resident to take part. 


  1. October 24, 2017 / 19:38

    i think he is hilarious
    i would love to hang it looking in my kitchen window
    and just stand back and catch my family’s reaction
    it would be so so funny

  2. sandy ralph
    October 26, 2017 / 12:01

    thankyou eve so much for picking me as the winner, i got the email and have ordered in on amazon from the code. than ks again its brilliant πŸ˜€

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