Back to School with Spearmark 

Well Jordanna has now decided after just two weeks back at school that she can’t stand school dinners and want a packed lunch instead. To be honest I don’t really blame her after taking a peek at the menu, it doesn’t exactly make you jump for joy at the thought of dinner time. 
Anyway this is where Spearmark came in very useful as they had already sent us over some of them fabulous lunch bags. Which I have to say look absolutely nothing like lunch bags, more like trendy hand bags I’d say. 

These are so cool and trendy that I bet I could walk around town with one as my bag and no one would even realise that it’s a lunch bag. 
They are both the same style, just different colours and material textures. Both have a large wipe clean space inside which feels quite cool to touch.

Plenty of space for sandwiches, drinks, fruit and a snack. The lining is specially designed to keep food at a cool temperature as nobody likes soggy warm sarnies do they? And don’t even get me started on warm milk! Just yuk.
Just like a handbag, these lunch bags come with shoulder straps for easy carrying. 
So ditch the bulky boxes and invest in a funky handbag style lunch bag for those who detest the school dinners. 
And of course if you have a boy then there are lots of other styles to choose from too. Just like these! 
Spearmark lunch bags are sold in many stores and supermarkets across the UK. Prices vary. 

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