Chatham kids shoes 

Shoes from Chatham are certainly a little bit different than the norm, being that the majority of their shoes are designed in a naval/boat/deck style. Shoes that are flat, comfortable which still have that bit of sophisticated. They even have their own children’s section of footwear.
On first glance at the children’s shoes, you may be mistaken to think they all look boyish, but if you click on a few pairs, you will find alternative colours such as pink which looks much less boyish.
These are the children’s Henry Deck shoes, at £45.00 per pair. There are 3 colour choices here including the pink shade.

new shoes!

I think they look very pretty on, if matched with the right outfit. I have had mixed opions from both adults and children on these shoes. Most adults agree and find them very unusual yet sweet and pretty. Izebella, who now owns a pair also loves them and she tells me they are very comfy. Jordanna however was not so keen and said they are not something she would wear, so I guess it’s a good job I didn’t get these for her.
These shoes are made with premium nubuck leather. As these are only shoes that Izebella has with laces on, it seems a good opportunity to try and teach her how to tie laces too.  
Well the new deck shoes certainly measured up to their comfyness as Izebella wore them last weekend to walk around York all day , and even climbed a large tower in them, beating md to the top. 
And then it was time to put her feet up along with shoes and sit on a big throne, shoes fit for a princess! 

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