Back to School: Flying Tiger

Flying Tiger is nothing to do with those ferocious stripy cats, nor flying either. They are a global Danish Design store selling home decor, party pieces, toys and of course stationery. 
They have stores throughout the UK, sadly none near Bolton, but fortunately the lovely people at Flying Tiger sent me over a few stationery pieces for our last minute school sorting.

This being an unusual sharpener with pencil. In a smoothie/shake cup and straw style. Hard to believe that this can be purchased for just Β£1.00! Yes one pound. I had to look twice myself because many places charge much more for basic sharpeners.
Also an eraser set. In the shape of fast food! 

Burger, hot dog, shake and fries, all served in a lockable lunch box too. 
If someone was to ask me – “how much do I think this cost?” I’d have to say Β£5.00 at least because it’s novelty and because there are five items including the plastic case. Well it’s actually only Β£2.00. An absolute bargain find if you have a store near you. 
Visit Flying tiger UK for more information and to find your closest store. 

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