Back to School: My name label 

So, you’ve bought the uniform, the new shoes, P.E kit and brand new stationery for your darling child starting the new school year. Then what happens? They come home upset, they’ve lost their blazer, their expensive coat, shoes etc and you can’t afford new ones.
Losing expensive uniform can be a nightmare, but the risk of loss can be minimised by making sure everything that gets taken to school is clearly labelled with something that’s not easily removed.
I hate sewing, and it’s just not something I do. Plus it’s time consuming, so I prefer to use the ready made labels like the ones from My name label.

I like them, because they can be customised with colour and added images such as the dolphin I’ve used for Jordanna’s stickers. Also the sticker packs come with many different sizes of stickers. The two round arch shaped stickers are specifically for shoes. The white labels are iron on, these come with a special paper sheet which goes over the stickers when ironing on. The pink stickers are all peel and stick on. 

The stick on labels do not come off once applied. Even when placed on a high temperature wash, they still stay firmly stuck on. I had the labels a few years back and for the clothes I’ve kept, the labels still remain firmly stuck on, although a little faded.
The stickers are not just for clothes and shoes either, they can be applied to bags, pencil cases and even pens, pencils, books and other bits of stationery. They come in useful around the home too, especially so for socks and siblings. I sometimes never know which sock belongs to who with my girls, so the labels would certainly help here. 
Creating the labels is easy at My name label, choose the labels you want, add the name, optional image and choose a colour and the labels are with you within a few days, saving time and money on lost school items. 

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