Mc2 crayon make up science set 

The Mc2 girls are back with a few cool and funky science sets for their girly fans. This one is a great set for girls who love their make up, and especially so lipstick. It also means they no longer need to pinch Mums! 

This set does not come with one of the dolls but is one of the MC2 science sets because that’s what the MC2 girls are all about. 
Inside the box is a crayon pallette with a lipstick tray, tubes and the maker which looks like some sort of plastic test tubes with a stand. 
Personally I never retaliated just how easy making lipstick could be. All we needed was coconut oil which is very easily purchased in most supermarkets. 
To make the lipstick, we use one of the coloured crayon segments with a small amount of coconut oil. This needs melting together until it’s liquified. The instructions say to do this in the oven, but microwaving works too. 
Once melted the stuff gets poured into the plastic device. 

This sets very very fast so we had to be quick pouring it. It’s also really hot, like candle wax so it is best that an adult does the heating and pouring part. 
Then leave the product to set. It’s tempting to think it’s done just because it’s no longer liquid but taking it out too soon can ruin it and make it fall apart. 

And this is one of our finished products. A real useable safe lipstick in the tube, just like you would buy from the shop. We can also make lip stick in the palette tray too which gets applied with a lip brush. 
The only slight problem for us was thinking that the product was not melting enough and needing more oil. Don’t be tempted to add more oil or the lipstick will just turn to greasy mush or be too greasy to apply. Half a tea spoon is enough. Tho this is totally our fault for trying to be clever.

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