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Us ladies, and the little ladies all love our quirky little beauty items, especially those items which are just a little more unique than others. We all need a good hair brush too, no matter if our hair is long, short, fine or thick, a hair brush that will brush through knots and tangles and that will last a while. 
Up until now, my two girls have pretty much just shared my collection of hair brushes. This isn’t a huge issue but they do tend to misplace them and even fight over who’s using which one. Well now they each have their own pretty little brush.

These brushes from Rock and Ruddle really are unique and pretty. When I was a little girl, we did have a few picturesque brushes around with all sorts of girly images on, but these days they seem to be hard to find. 
Rock and Ruddle have lots of unique colourful brushes, many with pictures on which come in sizes for both big and little ladies (and men if need be). The brushes are made using natural bristles with three bristle types to choose from. The soft bristle brushes are ideal for babies, the natural without nylon more suited to children and the bristles with nylon for thicker hair. 

I really love these small character brushes. They feel really sturdy and solid and the size and shape of them make them easier for my girls to grip, they both like brushing their own hair (and mine!) Jordanna now has the ballerina brush and Izebella has the fairy brush. 
Izebella has curly but fine/medium hair so I knew the brush would be fine for her. Jordanna has long curly and extremely thick hair which gets tangled often and is sometimes wirey. I was unsure whether the brush would go through her hair; as some small brushes don’t, but it goes through without problems, wet or dry. 

And of course they are so incredibly cute too. It makes me want one for myself. It may just be me borrowing their brushes in future. 
The small brushes cost Β£20 each and a larger (big girl) brush is Β£30. 
To see more brush styles; visit Rock and Ruddle online shop, where the brushes can be purchased directly. 

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