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I put my hair through a lot, and have done so for many years. It’s been bleached, coloured, highlighted, low-lighted, permed, blow dried, straightened and had extensions in. So when it comes to products for my hair, I don’t mind paying that little bit extra for a product that claims to help repair damage and give it an overall better condition.
Envy products are used by hairdressers as well as being sold to people like myself who want the best for their hair. Salon products can sometimes be hard to find without buying them in the actual salon after having your hair done.
They are recognisable by distinct black and green containers just like this.

Envy hair products contain silk proteins which help to moisturise, smooth and gloss hair. And Keratin which puts balance and moisturiser back into the hair. I have found that the majority of “better” hair products do contain keratin (the ones that actually work).
I have been regularly using three Envy products.

  • Gentle cleansing shampoo
  • Dual fix 12
  • Gentle detangling conditioner

These products smell absolutely amazing. I can’t be too sure exactly what the lovely scent is, but it smells sweet and fruity, possibly mango but it’s really lovely. I was really surprised at just how nice they are.
The shampoo gets applied the same as any other. I usually leave on for about 5 minutes max.
The Dual fix 12 is a totally new product to me. It’s like an inbetween treatment; after shampoo but before conditioner. This comes out like a mousse and gets left on for one minute. This is the main repair product and boasts an amazing 12 benefits for the hair. 

  • 1 Amazing shine 
  • 2 Helps to repair damage 
  • 3 Weightless silk effect
  • 4 Easier detangling 
  • 5 Helps to rehydrate hair 
  • 6 Improves styling and blow dry results
  • 7 Thicker, fuller feel
  • 8 Helps Reduce Frizz
  • 9 Rejuvenates tired colour 
  • 10 Hair feels stronger 
  • 11 Reduces the appearance of split ends 
  • 12 Lasts for weeks 

This product can also be used as a more intense treatment on dry hair. Full instructions on the back of the bottle. 
The Conditioner is a lovely thick lush cream. Even whilst wet I could feel my hair becoming smoother, detangled and overall easier to manage.

And after a quick blow dry, my hair feels lovely, soft, detangled, manageable and refreshed. It even seems to be growing a little better too.
As these are professional hair products which are used in salons, it does mean they cost slightly more than what someone would pay for a regular shampoo or conditioner from shops. The shampoo and conditioner both costing Β£14.95 each and the Dual fix slightly more at Β£19.95. In my personal opinion I do think it’s worth paying that bit extra to help bring my hair up to better condition and these products seem to really be helping. I would be happy to purchase more as and when I need them. 
Other Envy products are also available at Envy Pro.

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