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It's hard to believe that the legendary Joan Collins turned 84 this year. Yes we all know she's had surgery to keep her looking younger but she also seems to look after her skin really well and her make up always looks so flawless! I for one can only hope I look half as good at her age.

Well I turned a big 40 myself this year so I'm almost half her age. Despite not looking my age (luckily) I have noticed the slight signs of ageing . Mainly the lines on my forehead, eye bags and the odd few other creases here and there. So these ageing signs need improvement or covering up and obviously due to cost, surgery is not a viable option so it's all down to the products.

It just so happens that the lovely Joan Collins has her own beauty range known as Timeless beauty. Her products are suitable for women of any age but the majority seem designed for women over 30 and especially so the foundation or base products.

This is the Joan Collins First Base Foundation. It costs £25.00 and is a standard 30ml size glass bottle. You get a choice of 8 shades and it can be purchased from a fair few stores including Marks and Spencer's.

The shade I have is Warm Fair which I'm happy to say, more or less matches my skin tone.

As stated on the box, this is a "First Base" product which means it is applied first to clean skin before other make up products such as blusher, bronzer etc. This foundation gives the smooth flawless complexion, thus almost creating a blank canvas to work from. It gives the perfect colour coverage blending easily with my skin tone and covering up any imperfections – small spots, scars, blackheads, uneven times etc.

I took this selfiw pic after applying just the First Base foundation and nothing else with no filter. My skin looks even coloured and pretty flawless. Once applied other make up can be added.

This foundation also contains something called Re-Age complex, which is known to increase collagen levels helping to recharge the skin with youthful energy.

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