Sun protection without the high price tag

Yes it’s Summer and a pretty good one at that so far, considering the many wet Summers the UK has had over the years. When the sun is out, everyone likes being outside whether it’s at a park, beach, on holiday or in your own garden. Of course this unusual hot weather comes with risks. The main risk being sunburn which can be severe if skin is exposed to the sun all day. 
Sun protection is vital, especially so for children, babies, the elderly and those with very fair skin. Every family should have at least one bottle of sun cream in their home because living in the UK means we never can tell when the sun will be shining. 
Some sun screen brands can be ridiculously expensive and so over priced when in reality the cheaper priced products are usually just as effective, if not better. 
Aldi stocks a great selection of “Lacura” sun products and I was really shocked at just how inexpensive they are. The price did make me wonder whether they would be as effective as others that cost more.

The sun creams and sprays are available with many protection levels. My girls are both really fair so factor 50 is best. Factor 30 also works great too in British weather. If I was to go abroad then it would be only factor 50 that I would use on my children. Factor 50 seems to be the highest factor available to buy without prescription. The higher factor products seem to be mainly for people with extremely sensitive skin conditions.
The Lacura range includes both lotions and sprays. The Refreshng sun spray (factor 50+) also doubles up as a cooling agent and gives a cool refreshing feel when applied. 

This also dries extremely fast too. 
These two factor 50 sun lotions are very similar and both designed with youngsters in mind. 

The difference between them both being that the white tube on the right is for extra sensitive skin types. My 10 year old suffers from minor dry and irritated skin problems and seems to have flare ups with certain products so this makes a good one for her. 
The Lacura products all have a nice similar scent which is just like most skin cream type smells. They apply easily and dry quickly and we have not come across any problems when using them.

We have had many hot days recently and I have found applying 2/3 top ups of Lacura sun screen per day gives the same protection as any other good sunscreen that I have previously used. They are all water resistant too so fine to use prior to going in a pool.

The big difference between Lacura sun protection and many other well known brands is the price. The Lacura SPF50 Clear Spray is just Β£3.29 with the  Kids water resistant SPF50 Lotion even less at just Β£2.79. All the bottles being 200ml which is standard for most sun products.
Once the sun goes down, Lacura range also offers a moisturising after sun spray at just Β£1.99.

It is a pump action spray bottle. The product sprays out white and needs a little rubbing in but a little goes a long way. It gave my skin a lovely cooling sensation all over which actually lasted a while too. My skin did not just feel cool to me, but was actually cool to touch too. It’s almost like a cool bath on the skin but without the wetness of water if that makes sense. Aftersun products are not just for the silly people who don’t use sun protection and end up burnt, but for anyone who has been out in the sun even if fully protected. Sun screens stop burning but skin is still exposed to dryness. Aftersun help put some moisturiser back into tired dry skin as well as helping cool us down. Some Aftersun products are rubbish but this one from Aldi ranks as one of the best I’ve tried.
So this Summer, head to Aldi and grab your amazingly low cost sun protection before supplies run out. 

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