Sanctuary spa wet skin moisturiser miracle: Talk to Mums campaign

Over the past month or so , I have been lucky enough to take part in an ambassador campaign with Talk to Mums. Talk to Mums is a platform which connects mums and brands. This was my first campaign with them and it just happened to be a beauty product.

I was already familiar with the Sanctuary spa brand as I had used a few of their products previously, but this time it was all about the brand new miracle moisturiser product.

This product is quite unique because unlike other moisturisers, this one gets applied to wet skin, like when your just getting out of the bath or shower and then it dries with your skin. It seems to be the first product of its type, or at least the first one I've come across anyway.

Applying to wet skin did sound a little strange at first but the product dries fast and smells good too. It also seemed to have some sort of exfoliating properties as I did find bits of dead skin coming away.

This campaign was far more about me reviewing or saying what I thought about the product. I had to also give out the product to other mums and ladies too – 250 bags in total.

These are the bags. Each bag had 4 smaller sample products inside and yes I had to also make the bags up myself, with a little bit of help from my kids.

I don't drive so the bags got given to friends, family, neighbours first followed by school gates, dance lesson mums and other groups. I did not get any negative feedback what so ever from any of the ladies who got my samples.

The campaign is now finished and all 250 bags handed out to the lovely ladies around Bolton.

If you know lots of other mums and would like to be considered for upcoming campaigns then visit the Talk to mums website to sign up.

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