Aquabeads: Disney Princess playset 

We have a new Aquabeads set just in time for the Summer holidays. This is a full mini set rather than just an additional add on or refill set. It contains a mini work station along with hundreds of coloured beads, water spray bottle, templates and an easy bead remover.
This set is themed around the popular Disney Princess’s. Unlike other sets which come with many varying design templates, this one comes with just 4 templates on 2 cards. With these templates we can make rapunzel, aurora, aerial or Belle.

I thought I would give this a go myself first as Izebella was very eager to have her own princess design and although I’m fine with her having a go herself, I know that she would become easily frustrated when the small beads don’t go her way, so I made one for her.

For some strange reason I actually found this large face design much easier and quicker to complete than some of the smaller designs from previous boxes. I completed this is just 15 minutes or so and allowed 20 minutes to dry.
The new pink easy lift tool is essentially just a piece of tough plastic with grips. It doesn’t look much but it seems to help to remove the bead designs in one piece and they don’t have to be completely dry to use this. As long as the beads are firmly stuck the tool can usually be used after 20 minutes of waiting. 

And our princess lifted off the design station perfectly without the loss of any beads. 
Once dry and stuck together, aquabead designs seem to stay that way and can be used as mini displays on windows and bedrooms. 
I found making this princess with the beads quite therapeutic this time round and not at all boring. Now my girls are busy making theirs too tho not quite as fast as mine.

This Disney Princess aquabeads set seems to vary in price across different stores that I have looked at. The price is usually between £15-£20.

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