Mr Big Tops sweet subscription 

I don’t go many days on here without a good old subscription box and this one is all about the sweets.

This is Mr Big Tops sweet box. There are a few options of box size but what you get each month is a box full of retro sweets, the type most of us remember from our childhoods.

In this box I got six packets of sweets including black jacks, fruit salads, bananas, strawberries, rain drops, white mice and fizzy bottles. The sweets differ each month giving even more of those nostalgic memory moments with each box. 

The boxes come with lift up flaps too with four open sections to put the sweets in when opened. These look a little like something I’d expect to buy at the cinema and sit munching on whilst watching a movie.
I know sweets are not the healthiest thing for myself or my children but I don’t think a once a month box like this really does any harm. 
This is an inexpensive fun box of sweets, delivered monthly for just a few pound. 
Mr BigTops

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