Ohso Chocolate (+discount code)Β 

These are Ohso bars. It’s chocolate with a difference and the difference being that Ohso chocolate is actually good chocolate that’s good for the body and good to eat. Now all the reasons why it’s good for you can of course be read about over on the Ohso website. To give a short explanation; the chocolate contains priobotics or live cultures as they are also known. If the word priobotic sounds familiar then it’s probably because they are also found in some types of yoghurt. They are also known as friendly bacteria but that term does not sound so appealing does it? 
The live cultures help to keep the gut healthy and functioning as it should,
Now combine the priobotics with delicious Belgian chocolate, Dont add any dairy products or nuts and make it gluten free and you get Ohso. 

Ohso comes in very small bars. Each of these small bars comes as tiny squares. Each pack of Ohso contains seven of these bars and Ohso currently comes in five flavours. These include sugar free varieties too. I have tried all five flavours and if it wasn’t for the packaging I would not be beable to tell which ones are sugar free as they all taste just like chocolate should taste. They are all dark chocolate too, being dairy free of course. 
The bar packs cost Β£3.99 from the online Ohso shop with the lemon variety currently on sale for just Β£1.99 and it’s lovely by the way.
I also have a special “DISCOUNT CODE” giving 20% off Ohso packs and the code is ohsobizzi so everyone can now enjoy Ohso chocolate for even less.

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