Ready Brek is going on a bear hunt (GIVEAWAY INCLUDED!)Β 

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt is heading to breakfast tables nationwide thanks to a new promotion with Ready Brek. The promotion will begin this weekend and run throughout June and July.
Ready Brek will be inviting kids and families to create their very own bear hunt featuring fun activity ideas to try at home on their packs. 

Ready Brek has been around for years and is full of good stuff including Calcium, Vitamin D, Protein and Fibre. It  is one of the UK’s most popular breakfast choices when it comes to serving up instant oat goodness. 
We’re going on a bear hunt has also been around for many years with a selection of books, stories and animated programmes. 
And of course bears and porridge are well known to work together as everyone remembers the story of Goldilocks and the three bears and all the porridge eating. 

It is the start of a two week half term break for us. As the weather is surprisingly very good, we may as well make the most of it. So after a warm nutritious healthy bowl of ready break it’s time to get out and about on our own mini bear hunts! 
Okay yes I know, the chances of seeing bears in Bolton are literally zero but there are plenty of other smaller creatures to spot up this way and have lots of fun whilst doing so and really just being outside in the sunshine rather than stuck on tablets inside. 
We have a few parks close by which are great for walking around, looking at things, searching for certain plants or bugs and spotting squirrels and rabbits etc. As well as having fun on swings and slides. 

Ready brek are giving away a prize bundle which will consist of 2 boxes of Ready brek cereal and 2 new bear hunt books. 

The books are – My adventures field guide this is a detailed guide to plants, bugs, small animals, birds and much more for those young explorers. 
My Explorers Journal – This book works well with the field guide and allows young explorers to record their journeys. Write down and record things they spotted etc. 
All this can be won by simply clicking the entry button below. 
This giveaway will close on June 10th 2017. Prize as above consists of two books and boxes of ready brek cereal. 

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