Drawing cartoons using letters!Β 

If you have ever wondered how to start drawing cartoons or figures then I recommend you get this book. 
Drawing cartoons letter by letter” is just one book in the Christopher Hart kids books. Christopher Hart being the worlds best author of “how to draw books”.
The book looks more like a folder of pages rather than a regular book due to its Spring binding and tear out pages. The pages don’t need to be pulled out but can be if needed. 
The only txt in this book (apart from the front page introductions) is the title of the drawing on the page. The rest are diagrams on how to draw each cartoon figure. Each figure starts with a letter of the alphabet as a base and is built up with lines and shapes to create a cartoon style character.
Here is one example from the book which Ryan did. It’s a robot which began with the letter A. As Ryan added lines and shapes a robot character was formed ready to colony in. 

It makes drawing cartoons seem really easy. The pages follow the alphabet through with the use of both capital and small letters to start off the drawings. 

When coloured in on our own paper it is difficult to tell that it all began with a letter. There are about 170 pages of cartoons to try in this book. Enough for all the family to have a go. 
The book costs about Β£12 from most good book stores and Amazon currently has a few offers on from various sellers for much less. 

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