The Big Book of How

Before us old people had internet, we managed absolutely fine with something else to help us with our research and questions. That something else was books, and in particular the non-fiction or fact books. Despite… View Post

Humans v Computers by Gojko Adzic

It’s not often I review books myself, sure I have featured a fair few books for kids but not so many for adults. The reason for this is that they can be hard to write… View Post

Drawing cartoons using letters!Β 

If you have ever wondered how to start drawing cartoons or figures then I recommend you get this book.  “Drawing cartoons letter by letter” is just one book in the Christopher Hart kids books. Christopher… View Post

Ban the boredom with Buster Books

Look at our brand new books, arrived just in time for the long Summer holidays and all from Buster books. When I was a child, I too had lots of books. Lots of stories and… View Post

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