The Big Book of How

Before us old people had internet, we managed absolutely fine with something else to help us with our research and questions. That something else was books, and in particular the non-fiction or fact books. Despite the internet and google, I’m pleased to see that the books are still being published and still enjoyed by teens and kids.

This is the “Big book of How” and called such because it contains a massive 1001 facts on how things work and how things are done.
The pages are packed full of colourful illustrations and photographs as well as lots of information on fairly common questions asked by children.

The book is divided into 11 colour coded sections. Each section covering a different category of How questions including Animals, sports, science, space, the body and lots more. A lot of the categories are relevant to school subjects and may come in useful for homework and research.

As well as answering many questions the book even has a few simple project ideas such as making a paper airplane and a camera obscura.
It’s a great book even for adults to have a read of and is for sale over on Amazon with prices starting at around Β£11.00

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