Drumond Park – Shopkins spot the difference + giveaway

This one is certainly different to the many board games I have had the pleasure to test out from   Drumond park previously. I would probably describe it more of an activity between friends or siblings than an actual game.

It is very easy and if you have young girls (or boys) who love shopkins then this would be good as a stocking filler.

There are many wipeable double sided cards with the same two images on each side. The images all being of shopkins.

You get four washable marker pens, each one with an eraser on the end, a dice too. The dice was a bit confusing as it arrives blank with no numbers. After a quick search of the box I found some stickers and had to put them on the dice myself. The numbers are only 4-6.

It is a spot the difference game but the cards don’t come with differences, instead the players have to create the differences themselves using the black marker so it blends with the image outline. The dice determines how many differences the player must create. 

It’s up to the other players to spot the differences created and they don’t have long to do this, only until the sand in the timer runs out which is not long.

The guessers circle the differences and get points per each one found and the player also gets points if they fail to spot any. The boards can then be wiped clean and play passes to the next player. After so many rounds the winner is the one with the most points.

It’s easy and aimed at 5 years and over. Izebella is still quite confused by it and makes her differences fairly big and obvious but she’s getting the hang of it slowly. 

Shopkins spot the difference can be found in many toy stores for £12.99.


Drumond park are giving away one copy of Shopkins spot the difference, priced at £12.99. To be in with a chance of winning this in time for Christmas, simply click the link below. Entries will close on Friday December 9th 2016 with one winner chosen at random.


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