Churchills confectionery: Tins for kids 

Churchills confectionery have bought out some new sweet tins which seemed to be designed with children in mind.

These tins come with themes of sea life and dinosaurs and bare similar styles of artwork and intricate detailing as most confectionery tins from Churchills. All products from Churchills are really unique and a lot of fine detailing goes into creating them.

Both tins contain sweets, one being fruit shape jelly sweets and the other is jelly beans. The sweets come wrapped in a bag or with foil to preserve the freshness. 

As well as the sweets, a jigsaw is also included. This is the first time I have seen jigsaws inside Churchills products. Each jigsaw is 100 pieces and is the same picture that appears on each tin.

And of course the tins make the ideal storage container for both the jigsaw and the sweets.

Perfect gifts for children and even adults who like sweets and jigsaws. 

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