Festive tinned confectionery from Churchill’s

Churchill’s confectionery has been around for years. They are well known for their iconic Art Deco and souvenir tins containing an array of confectionery and cookies. There aren’t many other places where you could find… View Post

Churchill’s retro tins for Christmas

I love my tins from Churchill’s confectionery and especially so at this time of year. If you’re reading this and are not familiar with the Churchill’s brand then take a look at their website. The… View Post

Churchills festive biscuits + giveaway 

The festive season may be drawing to an end but we still have many festive treats in the cupboard including a few delicious biscuits from the famous Churchills confectionery. These tins arrived just before Christmas… View Post

Churchills confectionery: Tins for kids 

Churchills confectionery have bought out some new sweet tins which seemed to be designed with children in mind. These tins come with themes of sea life and dinosaurs and bare similar styles of artwork and… View Post

Competition: Churchills confectionery

Last month I hosted a competition to win 2 luxury chococolaye stocking tins from Churchills confectionery. The competition went extremely well and was won by Miss Julie Smith. Now you have the chance to win the… View Post

Winner announcement

   Churchill stockings – Ms J Smith Pom bear giveaway – Lyla Horley, Jess M Woods, Al Smith, Lynn Heath, Ali Thorpe, Nicola Battensby, Aaron Broad, Sarah Rees, Jackie Oneil, Lyndsay Pavoux, Brian Chenney, Laura… View Post

Churchills Competition Winner!

Congratulations to LEANNE NEWSOME On winning the yummy Churchills Confectionery. Hope you enjoy!

Bizzimummy 🧚‍♀️