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It’s almost Summer and we are certainly having some lovely warm summer weather recently which for me means it’s time for some bronzing. I hate my pale skin, as I do not tan so easily and I don’t use sunbeds it means only one thing and that’s faking it.

I was quite surprised to find fake tan products at My Pure as they only sell organic products made from natural ingredients. 

HThis is the instant bronzing gel from the Trilogy brand. I am more used to using bronzing mouse rather than gels or creams but at a price of just Β£12.50 I thought I would give it a go.

There is a full list of ingredients on the product page. Unfortunately I do not know what most of them are so no point me typing them out here. This gel also contains light reflecting mineral mica which again I had no clue what it was until I applied the product. 

It doesn’t look great when you squeeze it out of the tube, almost like a dollop of somethng else, there is a slight familiar fake tan aroma too but not too overpowering.

Don’t worry I do use a tan mitt rather than my hand, nothing worse than golden palms. The product goes on really easily, blends in well. It dries quite quickly within a minute or two but it did leave me feeling a little sticky for a few extra minutes, tho dry if that makes sense.

The results are pretty instant, but like most tanning products the best result comes a few hours later or the next day.

I can honestly say that there was not a single steak or bad patch after using this product and I use it all over my body. The light reflecting mineral mica particles become evident once applied. It gives a sort of glimmer in the sun, almost like skin glitter tho no where near as tacky. Imagine bronzed sparkling skin on a tropical beach and that’s the sort of look that this gives. This here is a picture of my lower arm and if you look closely enough you may see the particles.
This is one product that I will want to buy again. 
To complete the bronzed summer look, My Pure boast a selection of Bronzing powders and blushers. The one I chose is the Alva organic bronzing powder.

Now this does not come so cheap at Β£17.85 for a 9gm case. Therefore I was expecting something fairly good if I was to pay this much. There are 3 shade choices with this and I went for the middle one – beige medium. 

It comes with the white sponge tho I do think a nice idea would of been to include a little mirror with the case. Anyway this stuff is great for contouring, blusher and to add to the overall bronzed look. I really like the colour, it’s not too dark and has hints of both beige and pink together which perfectly match my tone. There is lots of info on the internet about how to best apply bronzers and blusher and it’s all about face shape and natural skin tone. Not much of this powder is needed so it should last a good few weeks at least. 

And the finished bronzed look! (With a sleepy Izebella) 

Visit My Pure for more organic natural beauty products.


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