The Wonderful world of Pinypon!

This huge box straight away caught the eye of both my girls, and inside a brand new girls world awaited. 

Pinypon are cute palm size little dolls. Each one comes with many tiny accessories and some of them with pets.

Pinypon are more than just stand alone dolls as each one is fully interchangeable. Their head, hair, legs and skirts/shorts can all be removed and swapped with another doll. 

Their facial expressions can even be changed simply by turning the heads around, each one with a different expression such as winking, smiling, frowning etc. 

The many accessories can be swapped and changed and these include bags, hair pieces, jewellery and much more. Each part can be connected to the doll via a plastic pin type connector. The dolls have tiny holes on their bodies to attach parts to. Some of the accessories are very tiny so it’s important to watch very young children around them. 

I have had to sort out a large plastic tub to keep the many accessories together from our dolls as these will easily be lost.

The dolls were launched last month and there are already a fair few to collect. They start from just Β£2.99 each which is a really low price for keen little doll collectors. Once you collect a few of these dolls they will all start to look different as the mix n match combinations combined with all the accessories is endless. 


The new series of Pinypon can be purchased at the Entertainer stores or via the website.

Some well known fairytale figures have also, very recently been added to the growing collection. These characters include Little red riding hood, Mary poppins, Pochahontas and many more. These too can be inerchabged with any of the other dolls.  


And no figure collection would seem complete without the addition of playsets to incorporate the dolls with. Coming soon to the Pinypon collection is the Tales house, Pinypon palace, & Fairy Swing. These playsets will all be in the shops in the next few months and we were very kindly sent over a fairy swing.


It comes as a few parts to easily build ourselves and a fairy Pinypon to add to the collection. It’s a cute little set and bound to be something many little Pinypon collectors want for perhaps Christmas. 


As if all the above Pinypon craze was not enough, there is even a Pinypon magazine which comes with a fair few free gifts attached and lots to do inside. 


Finally the blind bags, which as the name implies, – blind meaning you have no idea what’s inside. 


And it’s yet more Pinypons to collect!  


We were sent a few blind bags to give out to friends and all the little girls that we know love them including of course Jordanna and Izebella. 


Pinypon dolls come with an age guide of 4 years and over so it’s up to the parent to use own discretion for younger children. Izebella is 3 and she is fine playing with them and the accessories. Some of the parts are tiny and there could be a risk of younger ones putting in mouths.

The dolls are cute and sweet and my girls love sharing them between them and swapping their hair, faces and bodies about. 



Our Pinypon collection was sent to us from Bandai toys


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