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Cloud b was founded in 2002 and is the worlds leading manufacturer of children’s products and accessories that assist sleep.

This is just one of a wide range of toys and accessories.

This rather cute looking little pink Octopus is known as Octo Softeez. It has arrived at the perfect time as I have just moved Izebella from cot to “big girl bed” and she is also now sharing a room with big sister rather than me. She does settle very easily at night, but it’s always nice to have a cute cuddly light up companion there at your side just incase.


Cloud b bedtime toys are designed to incorporate children’s senses at night time. These senses involve sight, sound, sense and touch, which in a quiet dark room can bring about fear. The toys and accessories can help to minimise some of those nighttime fears and also help very young babies calmly drift off to the land of nod.

Izebella’s new Octopus friend helps to ease the fear of the dark. It’s also quite cuddly too with it’s 8 soft tentacles.

The back of Octo Softeez head contains two easy push buttons, one is on/off and the other to manually change the colour of the lights.


When switched on a colourful light display will appear on walls and ceilings. Stars, fish and bubbles can be seen and the light go through various pretty changing colours, or this can be changed manually.

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I especially like the red colour, it’s very effective.
Here is a little video I made of the toy in action.

Although Izebella is sharing a room with Jordanna, she is on her own at weekends as Jordanna stays at her dads house. Octo Softeez makes her feel a little safer, she can focus on watching the lights change colour on her wall and point out the stars. This makes her slowly drift off to her own dream cloud.

It uses 3 AAA batteries which come already installed and if left on it will switch itself off after 45 minutes. It is completely silent, no music (which can be distracting) and no annoying motor or whirring. Just a peaceful beautiful light display which can be held and hugged.

These Octopus lights come in other colours too (not just pink) and priced at approximately Β£22.00. They can be used from birth. Visit Cloud b UK for more information.


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