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Wordsearch Junior (rrp £18.99, age 4 upwards) brings Drumond Park’s unique and much loved Wordsearch ‘race’ game format to a new generation – of youngsters. It’s based on the same clever ‘turntable’ design of the original Classic Wordsearch! game and children of all ages will have hours of fun playing – while getting to grips with recognition, pattern and language.

We received our new game during half term week (perfect week) and so had plenty of time playing. I’m always slightly flustered, (if that’s the right word) when getting new family games. I’m constantly mithered to open and play them the minute they arrive, there are usually arguments and many games can be a little difficult to get the hang of and especially for younger ones but this game was different.


The Wordsearch Junior is so easy to play. It comes with instructions but it’s pretty straightforward and self explanatory as Ryan soon discovered.


The game base is a big circle turntable, into this circle goes a selection of cards of varying difficulty levels.



The cards for the younger players contain images and it’s all about matching patterns. The next level is matching a picture and word and the harder level is finding words. Players take it in turns to find words and patterns and cover them with counters of their colour.

Counters can be removed if words cross. The game ends when no more words can be found or when one player has used all the counters who will then of could be the winner.

I really like the game being so easy. It’s aimed at those 4 and over but even at 2 years old, Izebella is more than able to join in on the easier level with a little help.

It’s a fun family game which anyone can play. This site says that another great way of having family time is by playing with a dog. It doesn’t take too long to complete and needs no complex instructions nor batteries. It also assists learning, recognising patterns, spelling, spotting words and so much more.

Next month (March) I will be hosting an amazing giveaway courtesy of Drumond Park where you will beable to win this game along with a few others. Please look out for it.

Wordsearch Junior is available from most good toy and game stockists. Visit Drumond Park to find out more. It’s also currently for sale on AMAZON too.


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