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Wondrous Ink sell exquisite keepsake books which are a unique personal gift, they are unique to the child’s name.

The inspiring storyline shows each child why they are wondrous and unique in the world. Whoever you choose to star in the story goes on a quest to find out what makes him or her special and wanders into an enchanted forest to find out.

The letters in their name then escape into the pages to create the story.

And…every book is a special key that unlocks a Wondrous World of learning online.

Wondrous World Of…features the delightful illustrations of Andrea Sanz and a simple story that introduces a series of alphabetic characters, letters, words, colours, shapes and animals that children will love, all within the comfortable surroundings of a personalised story world.


The books are designed for young children aged 2-8 years. An age range which covers both my little princesses. The books are suitable for both girls and boys with the main book character changing for each.

Both my girls received their very own Wondrous books and they arrived right at the beginning of half term week. Even the boxes they come in have their own names on.


The books both start off pretty much the same but with personalised front covers. The story starts with a little girl coming home from school and then goes out exploring.


It’s after the first four pages that the story starts to become unique to the child. Each page then has various animals, people and objects relevant to each letter of the child’s name. Then a nice description word for each letter too. These is the first 3 letters of Izebellas and Jordannas names in the books.

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Then at the end the name will be spelt out in full along with all the Wondrous description words which are found throughout the book.


The books are both quite long with lots of pages. My girls both have 8 letters each in their names, I am not too sure how the book would work for shorter names such as Ryan, if the book would be less pages or if more things would be added to lengthen it out.
It’s a really easy read with bold medium sized wording which seems easy enough for early readers. It also encourages new description words to be learned and helps with name spelling too. The pages are full of lovely images and art work too. Lots of detail, all sorts of animals, objects and colours to be spotted.
The best thing is that they are really personal and unique to the child. Both my girls have fairly rare names. Jordanna is pretty unheard of (only one in her school) and whilst Izebella is a popular name, my particular spelling of it is not. So now they both have their own beautiful book designed using just the letters from their names.

At the back of the book is a special online code which can unlock more fun content. Izebella is a little young for this just yet but Jordanna has tried it.

The book making process seems very straightforward it’s just a case of inputting the child’s name and sex and can be done from a mobile device. The books cost £15.99 each and well worth it for a lovely treasured keepsake.

Make a personalised book at Wondrous Ink



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